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Situations where it is effective
Suggested surfaces where it can be used

Cleaning, scouring, degreasing, restoration, renovation

Architecture, works of art, historical monuments

Collectibles , antiques, Marine / boats

Stripping after fire damage, rust removal
Removal of graffiti

Metals, Aluminium , Bronze

Wood, Stone


Plastic, Polyester

Generally the product can be used on a wide variety of materials and is especially effective where fine detailing it required.

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  What is Aerogommage ?

Aerogommage allows the cleaning, scouring and degreasing of all surfaces
without exception with or without water.
It relies on the following two different products designed to meet all your needs:

  • Recyclable and non- biodegradable mineral gum from 100 % natural sources
    called micro granulate

  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non- recyclable ARMEX ®granulate whose base is bicarbonate of soda.

The uses of Aerogommage are safe for both the environment and the operator who can work at low pressure producing exceptional results.
It is intended for use whether you are an individual, a professional or an industrial group and we have solutions adapted to suit your needs.
100% ecologically friendly. 100% biodegradable

   100% biodegradablearmex



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Advantages  :

• There are no risks involved and is not aggressive
• Strips back to the original surface
• Removes questions about the compatibility of the previous layers of paint or
• Allows you to see the condition of the original surface
• No sanding or additional preparation required

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